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Application and selection process

For MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education the application procedure for interested candidates will be managed by IOM Finland, who will act as the main focal point for all applicants throughout the application/selection process. For MIDA FINNSOM Health, Phase IV, the application procedure will be handled by IOM Somalia in Nairobi. A simple and transparent process to receive, evaluate, and select applications from interested candidates has been developed by IOM, in cooperation with the project's advisory board.

While the MIDA FINNSOM projects are geared towards the Somali-Finnish diaspora, we also welcome Somali diaspora applicants from other countries. Note that preference may be given to applicants who were successful participants during previous MIDA FINNSOM projects. Lastly, IOM highly encourages the participation of women in the MIDA FINNSOM projects.

Step 1: Submission of Application via Email

Interested candidates will submit an online application to participate in the project, by completing an online application form. In addition to this form, applicants are requested to submit an updated CV to IOM Finland in MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education related positions and IOM Somalia in Nairobi for MIDA FINNSOM Health assignments. With the application form, interested candidates must submit a short statement/cover letter on their expectations and on the type of work they would be interested and able to carry out.

Applicants are asked to apply for specific MIDA FINNSOM vacancy announcements (terms of reference) as posted on the Hiiraan webportal and the MIDA Quest website. To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, and the contact information (email and phone number) of two professional references by the closing date of the vacancy via email to In the “subject” portion of the email, please write: “APPLICATION: [Position Title/Location]”

For MIDA FINNSOM Health, an email address will follow when the recruitment will start).

Step 2: Preliminary Evaluation of Application   

IOM will carry out an initial evaluation of the application and confirm that the applicant fulfils the basic requirements to be considered for participation in the project (i.e. professional education, experience, citizenship, etc.). Eligible applicants will continue the selection process, while those not eligible will be informed accordingly by IOM.

Step 3: Background Check

Applicants who have passed the preliminary evaluation of their applications will be contacted by IOM in order to requests to supporting documents (e.g. degree, training and work certificates), and two professional references that can testify on the professional competences of the candidate.

Before contacting the two professional references, IOM will ask the candidate to inform them of their application to the MIDA FINNSOM project, and to request their cooperation with IOM. Once the applicant has done this, IOM will contact the references either by email or telephone. If needed, IOM may also contact those institutions from where the applicants have received their professional degrees.

Step 4: Interview

Once IOM has been able to check the background and references of a candidate, this person may be requested to undergo an interview with a panel of experts from the project’s advisory board. This panel will be comprised of at least one professional from a similar field as the applicant, and a representative from IOM.

Applicants will be assessed on their suitability to assume a particular vacancy, their interest and commitment to participate in the project, previous experience working with development cooperation and in a complex field environment. A first discussion on tools and equipment needed for a specific assignment will be carried out during the interview.

Step 5: Ranking of Candidate on the Stipend Scale

Once a person has been declared eligible to participate in the project, s/he will be ranked on the project’s allowance scale. This ranking will be done by IOM and the Interview Panel, based on the applicants demonstrated relevant work experience and education. Years of work experience that cannot be verified and work experience in a field that is not relevant to the application, will not be considered when ranking the candidate. For more information on the Allowance Scale, please visit the Benefits page.

Step 6: Submission of Selected Profiles to Host Institutions

Once a candidate has been selected for participation in the project, his/her anonymous professional profile will be shared with the relevant host institutions. Based on this information, the host institutions will be able to evaluate the professional suitability of the candidate to carry out the tasks defined for a particular vacancy. Candidates will be selected solely on their professional background and competences. In such situation where more than one candidate has been pre-selected for a particular vacancy, all profiles will be shared with the respective host institution. The host institution will have the opportunity to make the final selection of the most suitable candidate.

Step 7: Confirmation of Assignment and Initiative of Travel Arrangements

A candidate selected for an assignment will be informed by IOM, and all arrangements corresponding to travel, insurances, and contracts will be initiated. IOM expects to confirm the assignment four weeks before the assignment starts, so that enough time is available for all travel preparations.

Step 8: Preparatory Meeting

Once a person has been selected, s/he will have the opportunity to meet with IOM and, if available, representatives of the project’s advisory board and/or returned participants from other FINNSOM projects to discuss their expectations and the teaching tools that would be needed during their assignments, but which may not be available at the host institution. IOM and the project’s advisory board will try, as much as possible, to mobilize donations of tools needed or procure them from via Nairobi (pending the availability of funds). When applicable, and also pending the availability of funds, IOM will facilitate the shipment of received and/or procured donated teaching tools to Somalia.

Step 9: Travel to duty station via Nairobi

All selected participants are strongly encouraged to travel via Nairobi where the staff of the IOM Somalia Coordination Office will provide an induction to a “train the trainers” course to participants. This course aims to equip project participants with the most recent techniques in ensuring knowledge transfer through formal coursework, on-the-job training, mentoring, and supportive supervision. The course will also cover means for participants to assess whether what they taught has been absorbed. Further, the course will address participants’ quarterly reporting to IOM, showing them what is required from the reports and how it could be presented. This will include training on appropriate indicators, how to collect baseline information, and how to track and document progress against indicators.



Below please find vacancy notices for MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education participant positions. For the time being the recruitment for MIDA FINNSOM Health project has been completed until the new Phase IV begins. Each vacancy notice will be advertised for two weeks.

While MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education is geared towards the Somali-Finnish diaspora, we also welcome Somalia diaspora applicants from other countries. Note that preference may be given to applicants who were successful participants in the previous Phases of MIDA FINNSOM Health project. Lastly, we highly encourage the participation of women in MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education.