Good results halfway through the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The midterm review of the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project showed that good achievements have been made and the project is well on it’s way to becoming a continuation of the success stories of the MIDA FINNSOM –projects.

The project coordinator, Anna Aguilera-Pesä and the the liaison coordinator Saed Guled organized a mid-term review meeting with the counterparts in Mogadishu in the middle of September.

“The participants were able to present a lot of achievements already. For instance one expert had written a medical training curriculum for the university, now under consideration of the review committee of Somali National University. Another, a gender policy expert, had reviewed and rewritten a gender policy for Ministry of Education  on how to promote gender equality in education.”

The MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education -project, that started in 2015, aims at strengthening the capacities of the Somali health and education sectors by sending experts from the Somali diaspora to spread their expertise at different facilities in south and central Somalia. Many of the experts have been working at ministries, both federal and regional. In the health part of the project many participants are working in hospitals.

Around forty diaspora experts have already started or even terminated their twelve month assignments. As a part of the project  educated young Somalis will also get positions, shadowing the experts for six months and getting a decent salary.

“For us it is about sustainability. When the experts go home, these young people can take over and even get hired to do the job”,  says Ms. Aguilera-Pesä.

One of the important things of the midterm review was to get all parties seated at the same table, says Ms. Aguilera-Pesä.

“It is really useful to gather all the parties together to coordinate and discuss how the project should go on and also to share success stories”.

The diaspora professionals of this project are placed in Mogadishu, Baidoa and Kismayo. The project continues until February 2019 and is funded by the Foreign Ministry of Finland and coordinated by IOM Finland.

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