Telemedicine online services to Somalia

Suomen Kotilääkäripalvelu (SKP) provides technological and human resources in form of telemedicine consultations and services in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to Somaliland. The collaboration started in 2015 and the main objective is to provide support to increase the quality of maternal and dental health care provision in targeted public health institutions in Somaliland.

Addressing the needs of mothers and children in Somalia

Finnish Baby Aid Kit IOM Finland has entered into a partnership with a Finnish company called Logonet to improve maternal health in Somalia with Finnish Baby Aid Kits. The Finnish Baby Aid Kit is a childbirth and nursing kit that is especially developed to be used in developing countries as well as in crisis and emergency conditions. The kit contains materials for childbirth and nursing a new-born.


MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education mid-term evaluation

IOM Finland would like to conduct a Mid-Term Evaluation of MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education project, implemented in Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States since 2015.

Interested consultant companies are requested to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals by February 19, 2018, 10.00 Finnish local time.

Link to the Request for Proposals 







The Health Situation in Somalia

When the Health Minister of Somalia, Ms. Fawziya Abiikar Nur, visited Finland earlier this autumn she talked about the health situation in Somalia and about why the coun try needs assistance for instance from IOM to help the situation.

Watch the video to find out more:



Praise for IOM's MIDA FINNSOM -programme

IOM's MIDA FINNSOM is getting praise from within the Somali government. During her visit to Finland the Minister of Health and Social Care, Ms. Fawziya Abiikar Nur, praised the achievements of the MIDA FINNSOM diaspora experts in the north of the country and hoped for more of the same in South and Central Somalia.

Video of Ms. Nur



MIDA FINNSOM -project: New dialysis unit opening in Somaliland

The situation for those needing dialysis treatment in Somaliland is getting much better next year when the areas second dialysis unit will be opening in the city of Borama. 


Good results halfway through the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project

The midterm review of the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project showed that good achievements have been made and the project is well on it’s way to becoming a continuation of the success stories of the MIDA FINNSOM –projects.

The project coordinator, Anna Aguilera-Pesä and the the liaison coordinator Saed Guled organized a mid-term review meeting with the counterparts in Mogadishu in the middle of September.

I Am A Migrant: Finnish nurse Ifrah Ahmed

On the I Am A Migrant -website IOM portrays the stories of migrants from all over the world. The story of Finnish nurse Ifrah Ahmed - working in MIDA FINNSOM - is featured there.

Nursing students in Hargeisa

Nursing students from Helsinki Diakonia College started their 6 week training period at Hargeisa Group Hospital in MIDA FINNSOM project.

Welcome to MIDA FINNSOM website

Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) projects seek to utilize the skills and knowledge of Africans living in the diaspora to rehabilitate public sector systems in their countries of origin. The MIDA FINNSOM projects aim to harness the expertise of the Somali diaspora to rebuild and develop Somalia.