MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education (phases I and II)

Health and Education Sector Development through Skills and Knowledge Transfer by Somali Diaspora Professionals (Phase I March 2015-February 2019, and Phase II March 2019-February 2022)

The MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education, South Central Somalia or officially Health and Education Sector Development Through Skills and Knowledge Transfer by Somali Diaspora Professionals is a four-year project that started in March 2015 with a six-month inception phase. This project builds on lessons learned and best practices of the MIDA FINNSOM Health project and the IOM MIDA Somalia programme in general. The aims is to contribute to the stabilization in South Central Somalia through increasing access to basic services (health and education) and creating employment opportunities for the youth. In pursuit of this objective, IOM will initiate 53 diaspora expert assignments out of which half will work in the health sector and half will be engaged in the education sector.

The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of local health and education sector institutions and local health and education professionals in South Central Somalia to provide quality health care and education to the general population. As in the MIDA FINNSOM Health project, the terms of references of the positions and individual work plans have a strong focus on sustainability, to ensure that local staff is as able as possible to independently carry out their work after the project is completed. Through the Training of the Facilitators (ToF) workshops, the diaspora experts are equipped with enhanced teaching and coaching skills to enable them to transfer their skills and knowledge more efficiently to local staff and students in host and training institutions.

In order to empower and involve the next generation of Somalis in the efforts of reconstruction of Somalia and proper national ownership and sustainability, IOM will also pair 53 Somali youth with experts from the diaspora. The Somali youth will be placed in internship positions under the supervision of the diaspora experts at relevant institutions. Half of them will work in the education sector and the rest will be placed in the health sector.

The diaspora professionals of this project are placed in Garowe, Mogadishu, Baidoa and Kismayo. The second phase of the project started in March 2019 and will continue until February 2022.

The project has already achieved good results. Diaspora experts are updating and reviewing the teacher training curriculum and medical curriculum for the Somali National University’s faculties of Education and Medicine. At the Ministry of Education, the diaspora experts have drafted a teacher policy that is in the process of being implemented at national level.

The MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education project is operational in 3 hospitals in South Central Somalia. Thanks to the contributions of the project, the local staff members have benefited from high level trainings and improved performance as well as improved management of the local institutions. The project’s health component focuses especially to maternal and child health.

The MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education project ​is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.