The aim of MIDA FINNSOM projects are to support Somalia to develop it’s health and education sectors. This is done by diaspora experts of  Somali origin, residing abroad and returning to Somalia for months or even years with the support of IOM, in order to transfer their knowledge to the local staff and institutions.

The MIDA FINNSOM Health project started in 2008 in Somaliland and aims at the development of a well-functioning health system in Somaliland. Hargeisa Group Hospital has been one of the main beneficiaries of the project. Project participants have been vital for example in starting the haemodialysis unit and the neonatal unit at the hospital. As a result, neonatal mortality at the hospital has dropped from 24 % down to 5 %.

The MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education project started in 2015 and it targets South Central Somalia and Puntland. The diaspora experts will be paired with young Somali professionals, who will gain both experience and employment this way.